5 Tips For Every ‘Busy Bee’

It’s the beginning of the year and the holidays are now a few weeks behind us… school is starting back up, new year’s resolutions are becoming difficult to keep up with, and the days are getting longer again. Life went from ‘busy during the holidays’ to even BUSIER, am I right?!

It’s always about this time of the year that I force myself to take a breath of fresh air… To regroup and refocus. Because sometimes I wonder how I’m able to keep myself from just abandoning all responsibility and moving to an island town somewhere. (lol, not a bad idea though. Someday.)

Here are some of the most helpful things I have learned over the past several years of adulthood to help move me along down a busy path while keeping my head on straight!


1. Set aside some time each week to completely focus on something you enjoy doing. 

When life throws couple of hurdles at you, it’s easy to look at the clock after a long day and realize you hadn’t spent a minute doing something truly enjoyable. Although hitting deadlines is important, so is learning to delegate! Determine something you love doing – it could be working out, reading, or even playing a video game, etc. Make some time that week to just relax and enjoy.

I like to relax with a good book every night before I fall asleep. Sometimes its only for a few minutes, but I make sure its a part of my regular routine. What could be a part of yours?

2. After setting a large goal, set smaller goals on the journey to that accomplishment.

Like I mentioned earlier, those New Year’s resolutions may be starting to sound a little less appealing than they originally sounded three weeks ago. But that’s okay! Imagine how you were feeling when you first made those goals for yourself. Keep that feeling alive and at the forefront of your mind! You can do it!

However, the path to success (however success is defined to you) is always marked with challenges. A helpful reminder? Break up those goals into monthly, weekly, and even daily goals. What is something small you could do today to urge you along? Remember: actions compound over time. Before you know it, you’ll look back and be able to see how far you’ve come with baby steps.

3. Narrow in on something you have serious passion for and seek to become ‘busy’ doing that, instead.

It all comes back to the same question: What do you love doing most? What ignites your passion? Once you answer that question of yourself, the rest becomes so much clearer. We all have responsibilities and jobs that may not suit our fancy, but we get them done anyway. What’s to stop you from determining the activity that makes you happiest? Seek out ways to spend more time working on that.

For example, I love writing. It’s my passion. Once I realized that passion, I was able to ‘magically find the time’ to write a book while working full time, going to school, and fulfilling plenty of other responsibilities. That isn’t meant to be a boast; it’s meant to be an encouragement. Trust me, if my scatter-brained self was able to figure it out, you can totally find the time for your passion, too!

4. Carry a notebook & pen with you or utilize the Notes app on your phone. 

You’d be surprised how helpful it is just to take little notes throughout the day. Some people like to make to-do lists, some people like to write poetry or short stories… sometimes it’s helpful just to remember someone’s name! Nevertheless, don’t count on your flawless memory to always save you. This is the real world – no one is going to give you detention for keeping your notes out. 😉

Toting a physical notebook and pen around on your person may seem like an archaic principle to some, but I’ve found it to be very helpful in my own life. It’s a more effective method for me. But to each their own! Give it a try.

5. Explore avenues where you can consolidate ‘busy work’ and expand the time spent on activities you enjoy. 

The are tons of different things you can do to make more money, create more ‘free time’, and/or make new friends. All you really have to do is open your eyes and look! Life might not immediately calm down, but spending ‘busy time’ seeking a way to minimize that ‘busy time’ isn’t a bad way to go. Best of luck, to you and your search!


This was a brief list, but I’ve had lots of help creating. Both by my own shortcomings and the wonderful advice of others. But the number one piece of advice is one given by none other than Socrates:

Beware the barrenness of a busy life.

Life isn’t just about just filling up time; it’s about making the time you fill up worth while.

Remember that bit of truth as we roll into a part of the year where the sun stays out longer… your life is worth making memorable and full of happiness.

Your friend,

Jenni xo


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