Let’s Talk About Good Posture (& Not Just For Your Back!)

I spent many a days as a youngster learning how to develop exceptional physical posture. Being a trained ballerina and runway model, it sort of comes with the territory. Both require balance, strength, and lots of patience.

Without good posture, a ballerina won’t be able to complete a pirouette or hold an arabesque. Without good posture, a runway model won’t be able to square their shoulders and keep their head held high while walking a straight line is sky-high shoes.

Sometimes, I met other kids who were naturally gifted with posture. They hardly struggled balancing books on their heads and pointe shoes weren’t as much of a challenge. But not me! I struggled, failed, tried again… but eventually got the hang of it. Even to this day with my ballet and runway days far behind me, I still naturally hold myself at a 90 degree angle when sitting at my desk, piano, or even sitting at the movie theater. It has just become second nature.

BUT, that kind of posture is NOT the kind of posture I want to discuss. That’s a whole different ball game. The posture I want talk about is the kind that you can’t always see with your two eyes. It’s often quicker felt and heard than actually seen.

Here is another definition of “posture”:

a particular way of dealing with or considering something; an approach or attitude. (x)

Posture is the way we deal with life and the way we portray the ups and downs of life to others. Have you considered your posture? Or the more important question: how does your posture affect the world around you?

How does your posture affect the world around you?

Sometimes, I think we’ve got it backwards. We think in circumstances; “because x, y, and z went wrong, I am going to have a bad attitude.” Well, no. That won’t solve anything. How about when circumstances take a downturn, we instead focus on a solution. That way, we utilize that drive for a change to uplift our attitude.

And believe me, I’m speaking to myself when I say this. I feel all the negativity brewing if I don’t get caffeine within the first five minutes of waking up!

The point is: posture is more than how you stand – it’s also about how you carry yourself around others. You don’t need to be a gregarious life-of-the-party type! (spoken by the world’s biggest introvert) Posture is about making the best of tough situations, facing the demons of your life head on, surrounding yourself with awesome people who love and support you, and choosing to be a person filled with kindness, determination, and just a sprinkle of sass.

Get out there and strut! 😉

Your friend,

Jenni xo


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