Confessions From a Cluttered Desk

You should see my desk at home.

It’s covered, I mean covered, in random objects. I have the basics, of course – laptop, pencil holders (well, 3 pencil holders), a wire-rack thingy meant to hold miscellaneous objects, and an old mismatched lamp I picked up at a yard sale. But along with those things are stacks of greeting cards, paper roses in a vase, a hand-drawn picture of my boyfriend and I (courtesy of the beau) and a stack of notebooks a mile high.

It’s cluttered! End of story. And sometimes, when I look on Instagram or Pinterest and see the gorgeous professional-like photos of organized desks… I want to cry. How?!? How does one keep everything so polished and cute? Isn’t there always a little gold animal paper weight… or a planner full of calligraphy?

My planner is just hastily scribbled notes and to-do lists. No stickers, no highlighters…

Yet, when I see my desk at home filled with random who-sits and what-its galore… I feel great. Productive even! I clean it up regularly and although a stranger might not be able to make sense of the chaos, I can!

My point in a round about way is this: beautifying your space is great and an incredible source of inspiration. I encourage it! However, making a pretty work space but not doing anything with it isn’t the most productive use of your time. I was hoping to make my work space as ideal as I could while putting aside the writing, work, and all the school work I should be focusing on in that space.

Your passion is what’s most important. And unless you’re a designer, the feng shui of your desk isn’t priority number one.

So, make your space beautiful! But put the most effort in what you use that space for. Crank out books, speeches, numbers, art… whatever you do at your desk. That is what it’s meant for.

Your friend,

Jenni xo


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