When You Try Your Hardest And Fail

Let’s talk one of the world’s least favorite topics: personal failure.

I think that I am a pretty competitive person. Of course, that probably stems back to my four-year old self throwing a tantrum and flipping the game board after losing a game of ‘Sorry!‘ to my father… who, by my memory, was cackling madly at my defeat at the time. But it runs deeper than that. I like a good challenge and I love some healthy competition. It naturally drives me to work smarter and play harder.

But sometimes, even when I try my hardest, make strategic decisions, and take the biggest leaps of faith… I still fail. I lose a sale, I miss a deadline, I lose a race… or even lose a friendship.

Why? Why do some situations appear in hindsight as if they were doomed to fail?

In the wake of failures, its easy to scoff at the cheesy little quotes a lot of upbeat people will reel off. (I admit to being guilty of this at times.) When a well-meaning friend says, “Try harder next time,” you might feel like punching them square in the mouth instead. What if you did try? What if you put your entire back into it and still didn’t get the result you wanted?????????

Here’s the news: that’s life. It happens.

Sometimes you do everything right and still fail.

At face-value, sure, that’s probably the statement that can set a raincloud over your head. No one wants to hear that even while doing everything in their power to succeed, they can still ultimately face defeat. But it’s true… and you shouldn’t ever let it stop you.

Every single person who has ever done anything in their life that has amounted great success by their own standards has faced failure. They didn’t let it stop them from pressing forward, and neither should you.

I believe that sometimes crappy situations happen in order for a better door to open around the corner. And that sometimes God directs us in a different direction than we had originally anticipated or wanted, only to point us in the direction of something far greater and rewarding. I stand by that belief.

You can overcome.

your friend,

Jenni xo



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