Life Finds a Way, And So Will You.

Even when the path is unclear and choices are to be made, life finds a way.

Even when the challenges seem impossible to conquer, life finds a way.

Even when you feel like giving up, life finds a way.

For the good and the bad, life finds a way.


If you are going through a time of trial and error, and your future seems foggy… take these words to heart: “life finds a way, and so will you.” It’s easy to get lost in the details and scared of the future. It’s even easier to turn away from the things that scare us and settle for the things that spur discontent. The enemy of a great life is a good life; so take the risk and seize the bull by the horns.

Because life will find a way to move forward, with or without you.

Step up to the plate and choose your direction – before life makes its own choice.

Your friend, Jen


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