getting uncomfortable.


Life doesn’t always give you lemons to turn into your own special brand of lemonade.

Sometimes it forgets the lemons entirely. Stagnant, lost in day-to-day things, it can feel less like a journey and more like a stand-still. What should we do in that kind of situation?

Have you ever been so low ?

it can feel less like a journey and more like a stand-still.

Well, hitting a low point isn’t always entirely a bad thing.Β It can create an urgency that wasn’t there before; a drive to push forward through the muck and create a life that better suits you. It motivates the motionless to get moving. It presses us into a corner and forces us to either give-up, dodge to the side, or better yet… rise above.

rising to a challenge can be difficult, but worth it.

Rising to the challenge, whatever your personal challenge may be, will be difficult. That first move in the right direction to get yourself out of a rut will feel almost painful. Everything may seem to be working against you. But even if your friends are comfortable with this version of you, remember: it’s whether or notΒ you’re okay with this version of you.

Finding pleasure in the little comforts is a good thing. But achievement requires effort.

So, get uncomfortable. Get out of that rut and seize the day.

– Jenni


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