Puppy Time! Meet Joansie.

My family didn’t have pets growing up.

Well, no… we had fish. Cannibal fish. But that’s as crazy as it ever got. And that is a story for another time.

Enter Joansie, the result of my little sister’s persistent persuasion! It makes me think that I should have pushed a bit harder for a puppy or a kitten as a child… but alas. A fish was good enough for me.

Joansie (named for my sister’s middle name + her television crush, Killian Jones) is a Golden Retriever-Poodle mix. She’s 3 months old and we can already tell that she is extremely smart and very  playful. She is hilarious, bouncing around like a bunny when she runs. However, she loves chewing on the tail of my dresses… but I give her a pass in the puppy stage.


That cute face gets me!

She was nervous when she first arrived – immediately hiding under the first thing she could fit underneath. But after some gentle coaxing out of the shadows, she has easily become very comfortable and happy around everyone.


She’s definitely a little handful, but cute as a bug. She won’t be much bigger than 30-35 pounds full-grown and she will grow fast. So I’d like to enjoy her tiny little self as long as possible! 🙂




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