Who Are You Going To Be?

That’s the first question you need to ask yourself.

Who are you going to be? What kind of person are you going to be tomorrow? Or the next day? Or five years down the line? Ten?

Figure it out. Detail it. Write it down. Okay, got it? Here’s the next question:

How are you going to become that?

It’s a work in progress. I often tinker with my plans – sometimes life’s journey doesn’t go the way I originally wanted it to… whether by my own actions or situations out of my control. But the core of it all remains… who do I want to be?


I think that this is a struggle for many. We can be so concerned with the day-to-day things that we forget to realize hash-out the full picture.

We start building a puzzle without knowing what the complete picture looks like.

Figure out your picture. Make it as detailed and crazy-awesome as you want it to look. It’s your picture!

The puzzle will become easier to complete.



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