4 Easy Tips to Help You Focus

Between school, work, and all the other things ‘adulting’ consists of… sometimes it can be difficult to juggle so many things at once. I should know – its how I feel on most days! But with a little advice from my mentors, good books, and good blogs, I manage to get my focus on and get things done.

Here are some simple tips I’ve tried that you too can put into action to help increase your focus!

Time yourself.

Put that timer on your phone, watch, computer, etc. to work! Segmenting focus in small increments of time can prove very useful. How many of us have used the phrase: “I work well under pressure?” Well, then prove it. Start the countdown! Twenty minutes of complete focus on one task… starting… NOW.

Make a to-do list.

Decide the three most important things you need to complete today. Got ’em? Now write them down and keep it next to you. Those are your top three priorities today.

When the most important tasks of the day are staring you in the face, you’re more likely to get a move on them. And when those three tasks are finished, write down three more!

Get the most challenging task completed first thing in the morning.

A mentor of mine has told me repeatedly to “get the most important task of my day done before 11AM. Everyday.” It’s the same reason I like to go to the gym in the mornings – so I can get the tough physical activity out of the way! The sooner I get it done, the better. The most important task tends to be the one I want to avoid… so might as well just get it over and done with!

Reward yourself every once in awhile!

Yup, you deserve breaks. That’s the thing about focus: it needs time to recharge. Whether it’s a cup of your favorite apple cider, one or two YouTube videos, or a day of the week to designate just to relax… decide what your reward will be for all of your hard work!



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