Riding the Wave: How To Make the Best Out Of It

What’s life without a roadblock or two?

Life has been a whirlwind lately – particularly because of one big reason that I’m finally ready to share… I bought a house! (but more on that later!)

Long story, short: buying a house can be a bit of a headache. Even when you have a great team to support you. There are a lot of phone calls, signatures, meet-ups, inconvenient fees, etc. etc. etc, that can make you feel a little less than enthused in the moment. But when its all said and done with, the journey towards the ultimate goal becomes the ultimate memory: wow, I did that.

Here are some decisions I forced myself to make so that I wasn’t feeling too overwhelmed with this giant decision. A.K.A. – this giant wave.

choose to be optimistic simply because it feels better.

Optimism isn’t blind. A realist can still have optimism. One of my biggest challenges was the worrying. In the beginning, was constantly scheming up all of the ways this whole house-buying process could go wrong; of all the ways I could fall off the surfboard.

Once I decided to look on the bright side of things and really choose to believe that things were more likely to go right than wrong… my face cleared up. My back stopped hurting. The sun shone a little brighter. Why worry about things that are out of your control?

good things come to those who go for it.

Waiting around for the perfect opportunity to fall into my lap wasn’t going to cut it. Patience is key… once you’ve taken the first step. I’ve been wanting to buy a house for awhile, but nothing was set in motion until I decided to take the plunge. And once I saw the home, er… wave… that I wanted, I paddled out to meet it.

get out of your own way.

As it turns out, my biggest roadblock was… myself. Indecision is a dream’s biggest killer. You have to know what you want in order to assemble some sort of plan to get it! So formulate the goal in mind – picture it in great detail – and when the time comes to live out of dream, enjoy every single second of it!

Ride the wave and enjoy!



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