3 Tricks to Start Reading Again

I’m a firm believer that books are one of the world’s greatest tools for self-growth.

Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, books are full of stories, opinions, and facts that can help shape our decision-making strategies. While in school we may be assigned an array of books to read, but as we grow older it may seem more difficult to find the time to read. Even more so, figure out what kind of books we want to read.

Here are three tricks to help those of us struggling to open a book after we leave the halls of traditional education:

Read 10 pages before you go to bed.

Right before I go to sleep is one of the easiest times to get in some reading – and its been this way as long as I can remember! I recommend starting with ten pages so that it can develop into a habit. Start light, and as time goes on, it may become a time you look forward to in order to wind down for a good night’s rest. Your body and mind will thank you later!

Mix it up.

Expand your horizons and try new books. If you love a teenage romance vampire novel maybe you should switch it up and try a self-help classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. You might surprise yourself. Visit garage sales for a wider selection and don’t forget your local library! Library cards are still a thing, you know.


Consider audiobooks.

Do you have a a long commute? I know that on my hour-long drive to the office is the perfect time to utilize the audiobooks in my collection. If you are already to subscribed to a music service, check to see if it includes any audiobooks. I subscribe to Spotify, and recently just listened to one of my old favorites, The Great Gatsby.


Don’t be intimidated by books in adulthood. Even the busiest of us can make the time, if only we choose to! Get reading! 🙂

With love, Jen


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