Travel Diary: England

First off… where have I been? I’m not gone forever, I swear!  It’s been a crazy couple of months.

I’ve decided to update with a bit of travel inspiration! I recently got back from a two week vacation in the United Kingdom & Ireland. It was a trip I had been anticipating for the long time! I’m excited to share some pieces of it with all of you. 🙂

London – Day 1

London. London. London. Simply magical. Arriving in the terminal, Cam and I briefly debated on taking an Uber to our flat (45 minutes away) or just hopping on the tube for the full experience. We decided on the tube. I was thrilled.


Luckily we didn’t arrive during the tube’s version of Rush Hour traffic – so we were sparred the true craziness of public transportation, as convenient as it is!

Our flat was an adorable AirBnb near King’s Cross – complete with actual beds to sleep in rather than upright airplane seats. (We were exhausted…) I spent the rest of the night falling in and out of sleep. To be clear, my sleeping schedule was messed up for the entire two weeks we were in Europe… I am not sure how jet-setters can adjust to the jet lag so quickly! I don’t know if I slept for more than 3-4 hours at a time for the entire vacation. But when I finally got some shut eye, I would dream of green pastures and proper English breakfast tea.


Camden Town & London – Day 2

We walked from our flat to Camden and right off the bat, I purchased a new leather jacket. I was sorely unprepared for how chilly the weather was in comparison to warm and sunny southern California. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I was packing at home, but I needed some warmth.


Camden is a wonderful place – full of lively people, bright colors, (which is odd for London) and, let’s just say, waaaaaaaaay too many opportunities for me to spend $$$.


Later was Buckingham Palace, (where I got poured on… and made the decision to invest in a jacket with a hood as well), Big Ben, and a beautiful view of the London Eye from the Westminster Bridge.


Turns out, walking approx. 10 miles with jet lag takes a toll…

Day 3 – London

Museums, museums, museums. The National Gallery is astounding. The painting that decorate the walls are from different centuries. We were all in awe of all the history. I watched the people who would sit on benches in front of these paintings, sketching in their sketchbooks, studiously marking every detail… and I felt an intense sense of belonging. The National Gallery was one of my favorite parts of this trip.


Day 4 – London & SoHo

Cam & I started the day off by visiting Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen a.k.a. THE BEST BREAKFAST I’VE EVER HAD. The only thing that could’ve made it better was if Gordon Ramsay himself were there – teaching me how to duplicate it at home. I still think about that breakfast as I stare at my regular breakfast at home… sigh…

ANYWAY, it was amazing. We walked around St. Paul’s Cathedral as well. It was a magnificent building from the outside and I could only imagine its beauty inside. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enter at that time. Guess we just have to go back!


And next… drum roll, please… HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD!!! What a performance. I am so so so so so so so happy I had the opportunity to see it.


If you read the script before seeing the play (like me) and were a little disappointed (like me)… take my word for it. The cast, special effects, and the context created an INCREDIBLE theater performance. As a former actress, it brought tears to my eyes. As a life-long unashamed Potterhead, it set my soul aflame.




The trip doesn’t end here! Next up… IRELAND! ✈️

-Jenni xo


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