Thanksgiving Hostess: Do’s & Don’t’s

Some of you know that I became a first-time homeowner this year! (Weeee!) Homeowners also know that when this happens, people from all walks of life suddenly want to come see the new place! (agh……..) Which in itself, isn’t terrible. I’m just not a naturally gifted hostess.

So this Thanksgiving, I decided to put myself to the test. I offered to host Thanksgiving.

And let me tell you, it put all those years I watched my mother slaving away in the kitchen (while I lazily sat on a couch) in a whole new perspective. Sorry mom!

All in all, the afternoon and evening went off without a hitch! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. But for anyone entertaining the idea of hosting for the first time next year, here are my first-timer do’s and don’ts.


Do: Ask your family members to bring a side dish or a dessert.

I was so tempted to pull one of my regular ambitious tricks by cooking twelve dishes by myself. Uh uh. Not happening on my first Thanksgiving attempt! Asking my parents, my grandparents, my boyfriend, and his momma to bring a dish of their own was INCREDIBLY HELPFUL. The appetizers, pies, potatoes, stuffing… all taken care of!

Do: Give Thanksgiving your own little twist.

I need to be honest with ya’ll. I don’t like turkey. Not a fan. Doesn’t matter how it is: baked, stuffed, broiled, BBQ’d, smoked, whatever… I feel like turkey is a waste a perfectly good opportunity to choose something better to eat. LOL But we all know that the naked fat bird is a staple of Thanksgiving feasts. So I had my momma make it. 😂 I flat out refused to take up my over space. (And of course, her turkey was delicious. 😉)

Instead, I chose to make a second “main dish”! My homemade chili! And let me tell you, this stuff is sooooooooo gooooooooooooood. I let the flavors mingle for a few hours, mmm…. isn’t there some left over in the fridge?

Anyway, you don’t always have to go exactly by the book! What creative twist can you give to Thanksgiving?


Don’t: Go overboard with how many drinks you buy for the occasion.

I seemed to have this Instagram-worthy dinner table expectation for myself. I needed a champagne bucket with several bottles of white, red, rose, champagne, sparkling cider and sake. I enjoy a glass of wine myself, but I’m not sure how I expected all of us to drink all of that. I also stocked my Keurig with Hot chocolate pods, made fruit infused water, AND had sangria…

I’m now left with 7 (S-E-V-E-N) bottle of unopened alcohol. Which is nice if I wanted to start a collection. Oh, and a full jug of apple cider, three unopened bottles of Martenelli’s…


Don’t: worry so much about what you’re family will think.

Relax! Be grateful for the food on the plate and the people in your home and understand that the need to impress is unnecessary. It shouldn’t overwhelm your day. The minor details won’t matter in the end, just the time you all spend together. ❤️


I hope you all had an an excellent holiday! xo



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