A Scottish Holiday: Travel Diary

Better late than never!

In October, Cam & I had the pleasure of visiting Edinburgh, Scotland in the UK along with two of our dear friends.


We had chosen to get an airBnB in Old Town Edinburgh, on the Royal Mile. The streets that make up the Royal Mile are cobblestone and bustling with people and cute shops and restaurants. We could’ve spent hours exploring, alone!

Our flat’s door was located right on the main street, where we were lead up a chilly spiral staircase to our front door. The view of the street below and the feel of being in the thick of Old Town was magical.


As those who live in or have visited the UK already know – the rain comes and goes quickly and frequently. We were located quite close to the Edinburgh Rail Station, so we figured that it would be a short walk with our luggage to our flat. Still, we were drenched, jet-lagged, and hungry by the time we settled in! That first evening was spent taking pictures of the Edinburgh Castle across the way and finding a restaurant that actually used butter. 😉


Woo hoo!!! America! LOL

The next day, we grabbed brunch at a cute little cafe and dined like kings and queens. I was obsessed with the cafe latte art and sparkling water served with french toast.

Edinburgh hosts The National Museum of Scotland, a free exhibit that’s filled with amazing artifacts. There was so much to see – we were feeling a little overwhelmed after roaming its halls for an hour or so!


The following day, we had our hearts set on Arthur’s Seat.

Arthur’s Seat is the highest point in Edinburgh, you can’t miss it, and a popular hiking location. (When I say ‘hiking’, I mean nothing too intense.) It’s located in Holywood Park and it showcases some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city and its surrounding area. The name, so I was told, is derived from the legend of King Arthur. Some say the hilltop is the inspiration of the legendary city of Camelot.

Nevertheless, the view was breathtaking.


It was still quite brisk outside, but the stroll up to the top worked up a bit of a sweat! We shed our jackets and frolicked about the Scottish hills – taking goofy pictures and just enjoying each other’s company!


A little later, after rolling (literally) down giant hills… we found a few lakes that were full of swans! I love swans, so this was an extra special moment in my eyes. 🙂



We packed our bags and took the train back to London the next morning while our friends hopped on a plane to the next leg of their journey in Iceland. It was a bittersweet goodbye to Edinburgh – the city that surprised me! I’l forever cherish its beauty, culture, and natural magnificence. Our time was too short.

Edinburgh’s a barry place to visit. 🙂

Until next time! xo




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