2017: What’s Next?

Happy New Year!!!!  It’s 3 days in… have you had to tear up any checks to re-write the date yet? I know I have!

It’s 2017 (I remember when I thought 2005 was soooooo far away…) and even though 2016 has become something of a meme, I am feeling great about the past year and where it has brought me. There were highs and lows, but it turned out to be an amazing year full of some big decisions!

Some highlights:

  • I bought my first house! With a yard, and a water bill, and all that jazz. Adulting so hard.
  • I bought my dream car! Vroom vroom.
  • I faced my secret fear and went skydiving. And LOVED it. (Thanks for the encouragement, Cam!)
  • I traveled around the UK & Ireland w/ my best friend and developed a hilarious hybrid Souther California-British accent for about a week.

There were also some set-backs though! Here are a few –

  • I didn’t finish my bachelor’s degree when I has originally planned to.
  • I floundered around with my blog and got side-tracked. (it happens!)
  •  I struggled with business goals as I felt overwhelmed with other projects.

All in all, there is no better time than NOW to refresh and restart.

My biggest and general new year’s resolution is this: hold myself accountable.

Obviously, that’s a pretty broad resolution – but when you break it down in sections, it reaches out to almost every area of my life.

This is how so many of us feel about resolutions. We know the general thing that needs to change in our life to create the lifestyle we want, but we don’t know how to break it up into manageable pieces. When a goal is too big, it can seem impossible to achieve unless you make smaller goals to make up the whole.

I’ve split my goals into five parts:

  1. Health
  2. Business/Work
  3. Education
  4. Fun
  5. Relationships

Each section is made up of smaller piece of the puzzle; daily deliberate actions that I can do in order to have an even better twelve months than the last. There is always room for improvement and I never want to stop finding way to become a better person.

What are some of your goals for 2017? Here are some of mine:

*** keep in mind, these are broad on purpose. Detail your goals for yourself! 😉


Lose some weight in fat and gain it back in muscle.

Cam & I are working together on this one! The last few months we’ve both been spending the holidays as most do… eating lots of yummy food and binge-watching Westworld on HBO. 😂 We’ve decided to hit the gym together on weekday mornings for strength training and cardio workouts. Also, because I’m a huge fan of the ladies over at ToneItUp.com, I’ve decided to join their current 6 week program #LookForLOVE and follow their nutrition plan. Cam is enjoying it with me! We tweak a few meals here and there, but the recipes are always delicious! We’re enjoying making dinner together instead of going out to eat so much.

Business / Work

Qualify for an extra yearly bonus in my own business and organize a set-schedule for my accounting career.

This past year, I didn’t set small business goals and stick to them. I let my focus drift to other projects and in the end, I could feel it weighing on me for months. I knew that if I had dedicated the same amount of time to accomplishing my business goals as I had to relaxation, for instance… I could have even more time to settle down and enjoy my week nights writing my book or taking more time off to see the world.

Over the past year, my job as an accounting manager became more demanding. I enjoy the work, but I felt very disorganized. The company I work at has grown exponentially over the past year and my responsibilities are more vast than they were over the previous four and half years. It has called for me to be more assertive in my decision making and selective with my time. I aim to improve that balance even more as the new year progresses and the busy season for my industry slows down.


Finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and consider beginning a degree in Interior Design.

My undergraduate story has been a long one, full of twists and turns. My major has leapt around from Biochemistry to Political Science, eventually settling on Business Management. Since graduating high school, I’ve been working in the corporate world and managing my own business on the side, leaving a lot of room for excuses when I originally pushed aside the idea of completing my degree. But a year and a half ago, I decided to finish what I had already started by transferring from my traditional university setting to WGU – an online accredited university. The flexibility has been great, considering my extremely busy work load. But online classes require discipline that needs constant vigilance. I feel like I’m finally finding the balance.

I had originally aimed to finish in about a year, graduating in the summer of 2016. That didn’t happen! With some extra push on my side – I’m aiming to finish my Bachelor’s degree by this upcoming summer. Finally!

I also have an interest in Interior Design. I love learning new things and interior design has always been something that interests me. I’m currently looking into a few different programs. We’ll see where that goes as soon as I complete my Bachelor’s degree. It will look nice framed on my wall! 😉


Finish the first draft of my novel & travel somewhere I’ve never been before.

I consider writing a part of the ‘fun’ section because not only is it a hobby… it’s my passion! Writing has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I used to write stories for my friends and family and make them sit through them while I read them at dinner tables.

In the early part of 2013, I came up with the idea of a fiction novel. I’ve been messing around with it ever since. It’s time to finish. Cam got me a great book for Christmas – You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goines. It’s been an eye-opener. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to write, no matter what kind of content it is.

I also love traveling. Going to England, Ireland, and Scotland was a highlight of 2016 – I look forward to exploring a new and far-off place later this year! I haven’t decided where yet… but the top five places Cam & I are bouncing around are Norway, Japan, Bali, New Zealand, and Nepal… we shall see!

I’m also looking forward to being in Hawaii this summer with my family and friends! Stay tuned for all the shenanigans there! 😉


Turn my phone OFF and spend quality time with my loved ones. 

I’m confessing right now… I have a problem with my phone.

I constantly nag on my friends, my boyfriend, and my family when they pull their phone out. Yet, I have a huge problem doing it, myself. ☹️ I’ve decided that when I’m at dinner, at an event, or just hanging out… the phone doesn’t come out of my purse or pocket unless I’m expecting an urgent call. My social media accounts, the news, and my Pinterest boards do not mean anything in comparison to the people I love. I should treat the people around me with the respect they deserve.


Take some time today to write out some goals for yourself if you haven’t yet. You will thank yourself later!

Here’s to an amazing year! ❤️❤️❤️

-Jenni xo


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