It’s been awhile.

I feel like I type that phrase often, too often, but I’m well-intended every time I do so. I don’t want to fall off the wagon again. I want to keep writing. So why are there large gaps of time in between blog posts? Why haven’t I finished the book I’ve been writing for years? Why do I put off doing something I love?

It isn’t for lack of inspiration, that I know. Inspiration is pouring from all sorts of daily activities. From interactions with strangers and friends, to mishaps in life, and everything in between… no, life most certainly isn’t boring. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is instead, its a lack of a real decision.

Decision is the defining factor in most great achievements. People who achieve don’t just do so because they can – they do so because they want to. Goals, dreams, aspirations; these are all branches from the same tree. Nothing grows unless a decision is made. Maybe this is why failures can sting to the core. Maybe this is also why people can make a habit of avoiding failure and therefore, continually giving up the things they want.

People who achieve don’t just do so because they can – they do so because they want to.

Wanting something is normal. When I was a little girl, I wanted all sorts of things. But as I grew older, I began to nit-pick these dreams and choose what I thought was easiest or best, not just what I thought could potentially be possible. There is Β where the error lies.

Let’s start talking to ourselves like weΒ mean what we say. Let’s stop putting up with our own excuses. Stop coming up with excuses altogether. Let’s agree to fullfill our own promises to ourselves. Let’s believe the things we say we are.

And so… a reminder to myself:

“I am a writer. I have great things to say.”

xo Jenni


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