The Do’s and Don’t’s of Delegation

Properly delegating can be a struggle. If you are in a management position in your workplace, its typically required. I know it’s something I’ve had a challenge with for a long time. I used to think the best way to avoid mistakes was to take on everything myself. This just is not the case! Often times I would get overwhelmed, rushing and getting sloppy. Or worse, not even completing my work at all.

Here are a few reminders when delegating:

Trust is earned.

DO earn the trust of the people who assign tasks to. Delegation is about entrusting tasks to others that you may normally do yourself and it comes down to you trusting them to fulfill the tasks. Do they trust that you know how to do it yourself, as well? Do they trust you to have their back if they mess up?Β Building trust is an important beginning step in maintaining delegation in the workplace.

It’s simple, but not always obvious.

Don’t be hesitant to explain things in the simplest way possible. Make checklists and answer questions, even if the answer may seem obvious to you. Explain tasks in steps and processes, not just a general goal. If you have certain expectations, spell them out in the plainest terms possible. No need to embellish.

When mistakes happen, move forward.

Do point out when something was not completed correctly, but focus on solutions rather than condemning the mistake. Leaders must be solution-oriented, or else every mistake made will feel colossal. Keep moving forward.

Jenni xo


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