When Things Go ‘Whoops!’

Friday night, I made – as my mother always called it – a ‘boo-boo’. I lost an important item at an event and I can’t remember where I put it.Β I couldn’t stop thinking about my blunder all weekend… it felt all-consuming.Β There was only one thing left I could do: give it to God.

I had exhausted all my options, everything that I could do in my own power had been tried, and now it was time to pray and wait. And I really really REALLY am not a fan of waiting. Patience truly is a virtue when you’re someone like me… someone who has a hard time waiting for food to finish cooking in the oven… or for the gas pump to click off on its own when the tank is full.

I have to wait and see if something will miraculously turn up.

Removing a sense of control from any situation is a challenge but in a way, once its done it feels liberating.

Control is an illusion.

Stepping back can be not only the smart thing top do, but theΒ right thing to do. Some things are out of your hands – some mistakes cannot be automatically fixed. Β Do what you can to help, but know it isn’t always enough. What can it hurt to ask for a little Godly help?

Jenni xo


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