A New Attitude on Life

It has been MONTHS since I last blogged… and a busy several months it has been! A summer’s worth of hard work & soul searching. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the things we are so anxious about doing turn out to be the best experiences? Goes to show that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is actually the only way to have the extraordinary things in life!

Writing is something I love. Blogging included, but mostly fiction. Short stories. Poetry. I want to write more. I have begun to use my time more wisely by working on my organization skills & self-discipline. It’s tough work, but well worth it!

Learning to set aside time to do what you love is very important. 🙂

“If you’re afraid to go where you’ve never been, then you’ll never go where God wants you to be.”

“You can get whatever you want in this life, by simply first helping others get what they want.” 
– Zig Ziglar

Lots of love,
Jenni xx