Welcome back, again.

Hello, world! I update this blog on the eve’s eve of my 25th birthday – over a year since my last post. It’s amazing how much can change over 365 days, is it not?

I’ve wrestled with the idea of my blog for months. I’ve juggled around ideas of focusing a niche on travel or wedding planning – (yes, I’m now an engaged woman!) – or taking the modern businesswoman angle… but mostly, I just felt very uninspired.

I finished my degree in late 2017 and sunk myself into my career, morphing into some sort of quasi-workaholic/type 2 personality. I would work all week and weekend – both at the office and then at home on the couch in my PJs. I fell into the trap most of us can find ourselves in after finishing school – what the heck do I do now?! 

Every day I could feel myself scrambling for a way to exert my creativity that once bloomed in full force, and it became an actual effort making writing, drawing, and fashion (three great loves of my life) a priority again. I made a goal for myself: finish your fiction WIP to send to publishers by 2020. Write two full pages per day. Don’t wash your face to go to bed until it’s done. I dusted off my sketch pad, pencils, and charcoal and got my hands dirty. I decided to treat myself with a little money I have saved for myself and signed up for the unlimited Rent The Runway subscription – feeding my appetite for new threads without breaking my bank account on items I’d only wear once before tossing into the back of my closet.

Nevertheless, I knew I wanted to do more.  I wanted my days to mean something greater than new pretty dresses and sketches that wouldn’t see the light of day.  I’m still on the journey of figuring that all out… and that’s okay! I used to be under the impression that one day, everything would just click and fall into place. But life has a learning curve, and every day has a new lesson in store.

 I’m still on the journey of figuring that all out… and that’s okay!

With new responsibilities at work, fitness goals, wedding planning (there’s A LOT to be said there), and travel – I’ve got a lot to share for whoever is willing to read. Hopefully, we can reconnect again. ❤️

xoxo, Jen

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