Dakil ‘Out of Nowhere’ Review: #NeverTrustAScorpio (except me!)

Hailing originally from Southern California and now taking the world by a storm in Spain, Dakil has leaped on the scene with his debut album Out of Nowhere.

Consisting of a total of fourteen tracks, there’s a little taste of something for every musical palette. From the slow-dance-in-your-kitchen track “Far From Grey”, to the delightfully fun “Wanna Be You (But They’re Not)” – AKA, the song you’ll sing to your reflection when you’re getting ready for a fun night out on the town – this album likes to keep you engaged, whether you’re listening on shuffle or all the way through. The track “Lon Chaney Jr.” – originally a single released in 2018 – tells a story framing a clear image of a man tormented by his demons. It’s the kind of song you can imagine as a backdrop during a poignant scene in a film.

It’s easy to get lost in the exciting and enjoyable nature of Dakil’s music. Specifically, “Never Trust a Scorpio” (a personal favorite… me being a blue-blooded Scorpio, through-and-through) – the chorus plays like a trumpet pulses to the beat, bearing comparison to a band you might hear at a street festival that inspires you to want to get up and dance. The track’s lyrics are amusing and smart, as Dakil finds a way to both offend every sign of the zodiac and simultaneously make them self-reflect and think, “yep, that sounds about right”

A particular gem in the album is his collaboration with Emina Sonnad, the track “Pretending to See the Stars” – a beautiful and haunting change of pace that serves as punctuation of sorts. A comma, before the lead-up to the finale.

Tracks like “Dance for Pleasure” and “Don’t Wanna Be a Part” are a charming blend of alternative-pop and lyrical genius that will have millennials everywhere breathing a sigh of relief when they save the album to their Spotify playlists.

Now, Dakil is no stranger to a plucky guitar chord – however, the way he delivers his soulful voice (reminiscent of Dan Smith of Bastille) alongside his obvious musical talent (think: bluesy John Mayer) is a refreshing take on the kind of ‘happy-go-lucky’ music that is generally ‘well-liked’ by everyone. Instead of producing a slew of catchy bops that are upbeat, enjoyable, and easily forgettable among the thousands of others that sound similar… Dakil seems committed to making sure you will remember him.

So, don’t forget – #NeverTrustAScorpio – (unless that Scorpio is me, of course.) And don’t worry… Dakil is a Gemini!

Out of Nowhere is now available on Apple Music, Spotify, & most other major streaming platforms.

Don’t forget to check out Dakil’s socials! Instagram | Facebook

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