Seeking Peace at Home

Some of us are suddenly finding ourselves with a lot more time on our hands than we expected.

It’s a complicated and difficult time for so many people. The reasons can vary, but one thing is for certain: we’re in this together.

Life will continue, even if they are some changes. But during the period of time where so many individuals are self-isolating, it’s important to find a peaceful moment to relax. It will do wonders for your mind and it will ease your anxiousness (even if only for a little while.)

Read a book. What book has been neglected on your shelf for what seems like forever? Crack it open. There are plenty of free ebooks and audiobooks available on kindle, the Apple Books app, etc. Let your mind escape for a moment.

Create something. Write, film, sculpt, cook – let your creativity give you a mental exercise. Share your creation online, and inspire others!

Video chat. Instead of regular phone calls to your loved ones, try to FaceTime as much as possible. Get your face-to-face interaction – laughing or crying, it will feel good to watch emotions cross the faces of people you love in real-time.

Revisit your to-do lists. Cleaning up your place is a big one… and important for more than just avoiding going stir-crazy! at the very least, spruce up a small area of your home, somewhere to escape the chaos.

Remind yourself that this too shall pass. And we will be stronger for it.

Stay safe, everyone. Stay strong. ♥️ Have a laugh today and smile 😊

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